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Sometimes the best service means self-service. With our surety bond platform, Intact Insurance surety producers can secure a surety bond online with minimal data entry.

We simplify and accelerate processing time through electronic indemnity execution, data storage and customized interfaces that eliminate the need for duplicative data entry.

Whether you need one surety bond, have an account, or would like to create a surety program, Intact’s transactional team provides you a tailored solution.  

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For single bonds up to $1,000,000 

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Frequently required Commercial Surety bonds:

License and Permit Bonds

Auctioneer Bonds
Collection Agencies Bonds
Contractor License Bonds
Detectives Bonds
Insurance Adjuster/Agent/Broker/Producer Bonds
Mortgage Broker/Lender/Servicer Bonds ∙ Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds
Right of Way/Highway Permit Bonds
Tax and Fee Bonds ∙ Third Party Administrator Bonds

These types of bonds are required by State law, municipal ordinance, or by regulation and in some instances by the Federal Government or its agencies as a condition precedent to the granting of a license to engage in a particular business or the granting of a permit to exercise a particular privilege.

Court Bonds: Fiduciary Bonds

Bankruptcy Trustees
Guardians of Incompetent/Minor
Receivers in Equity Court

A fiduciary is one who, under the jurisdiction and supervision of a court, administers property held in trust. Court fiduciaries are generally required by law to give bond with surety for the faithful performance of their duties and compliance with the orders of the court having jurisdiction.

Court Bonds: Judicial Bonds

Appeal Bonds
Attachment Bonds
Injunction Bonds
Replevin Bonds

These types of bonds are required when litigants seek to avail themselves of privileges or remedies which are allowed by law only upon condition that a bond with surety be furnished for the protection of the opposing litigant or other interested party.

 Public Official Bonds

City/County/State Officials
Hunting/Fishing Agents
Notary Public

These types of bonds are required of individuals who are performing services for the Federal Government, States, Counties, Municipalities, or other political sub-divisions where they are entrusted with property and funds.

Non-Contract Performance Bonds

Service Contractors
Supply Contractors

These bonds required to ensure that the principal will faithfully perform the terms and conditions of a written contract

Miscellaneous Bonds

Cable/Pole Attachment
Lost Instrument 
Patient Fund/Nursing Home
Travel Agencies
Turnpike, Bridge Toll Bonds
Utility Bonds

These types of bonds are required by law and must be conditioned as provided by statute, ordinance, or regulation. Others are required by law with conditions discretionary with approving authorities.


Bonds available in the U.S are underwritten by Atlantic Specialty Insurance Company. We also service Canadian bonds via our Canadian platform

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